5 Advantages of Biomass

Unless you are living under a rock, you would know climate change is taking a toll on our everyday life. The unusual weather patterns and excessive heat has opened the eyes of those too who took global warming as a joke. And with these drastic changes to our environment, the world is jumping towards renewable energy. Governments of the developed world have pledged billions of dollars to counter global warming and renewable energy remains their prime agenda. Biomass produces energy and fuel that is beneficial to our environment. And by 2050, it is estimated that most of the world’s energy will be produced using biomass.

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Did You Know?

  • You can get the same amount of heat from 12 cubic meters of wood chips as from burning 1000 liters of oil.
  • Six million tons of wood is discarded in the United Kingdom every year. This wood can be used to heat hundreds of homes.
  • The waste from forests can heat 1.5 million homes
  • A biomass boiler can work up to 20 years and provide continuous energy

Advantages of Biomass

1. Zero Toxic Emissions:Biomass produced energy does not emit harmful carbon dioxide. Most energy sources produce harmful greenhouse gasses that are gradually destroying the ozone layer. Since it originates from nature, it has no negative effects on the environment. Biomass uses the released carbon dioxide for its growth rather than emitting it into the clean atmosphere.

2. Clean Supply of Energy:Biomass energy means clean energy and there is a benefit to that. Businesses can avail tax credits from government. This is already happening in the United States.

3. Renewable:Biomass energy can be produced for as long as there is life in this planet since biomass fuel comes from living organisms. Their abundance makes them an ideal solution to our ever growing consumption of energy.

4. Reduction of Landfills:It is an all-rounder energy source as it creates something useful out of waste. The garbage can be used to power a home, school or office.

5. Cut down on fossil fuels:Fossil fuels have led us to this age of deteriorating environment. Biomass reduces the need of fossil oils and in this way helps in cutting down on carbon emissions.


Some might argue thatthe biomass produced energy is expensive and not as efficient as conventional fuels. It must be noted that the money we will be spending due to the damages of climate change will be much larger than that for biomass. The benefits are real and the renewable energy industry is booming. We cannot risk our environment anymore and biomass seems to be an optimal solution to our ever increasing energy needs. The benefits of bioenergy and biofuels are long term and it is high time we came up with innovative ideas to save the planet for our future generations