Avail Best Visa Processing & Passport Application Services

Applying for a Visa is a nightmare for many. However, it must be done as visa is a necessary document to visit some another country. If you are a frequent traveler or planning to visit a distant country anytime soon due to your work commitments, it is best to apply for the visa in advance. In some countries only passport is required, while in some other countries, visa is essential.

It is a known fact that the processing time for a visa application is lengthy and getting the same from authorities is an uphill task. There are many service providers of visa application processing and among them; a name that distinctly stands apart from all is Cox & Kings Global Services. Founded in 2008, the company formerly known as Quoprro Global Services is into the business of visa processing as well as passport application, since many years.

Services related to Visa processing and passport application

The company offers a wide spectrum of services which are the following ones.

  • Dissemination of Information – Vital and accurate information pertaining to the application is disseminated to the applicants via dedicated websites (multi-lingual), call centers and live chat.
  • Pre Scrutiny of Applications – The Company leaves no stone unturned in a thorough scrutiny of all applications by its experienced officers in the customer service department. All the applications are checked as per the standard operating procedures only.
  • Acceptance of Application – Applications are accepted by the company by a variety of channels like over the counters, post or courier, kiosks of Cox & Kings Global Services, etc. to facilitate the applications to submit their applications in an easy manner.
  • Fee Handling – The company issues detailed receipt with bar codes to the applicants on receiving the fee for visa processing and passport application. Applicants are free to choose a preferred mode of payment from a range of choices like debit card, cheque, electronic fund transfer, and many more to say.
  • Data Management – All the data pertaining to application and processing is digitized and is stored electronically for any future reference and easy retrieval. High emphasis is given on ensuring security and privacy of the stored data under all circumstances.
  • Scheduling of Interviews – Interviews of the applicants are scheduled and conducted by smart web-based scheduling software. This minimizes any wastage of time and speed up the process to a great extent. Every possible effort is made to make sure that there can be no duplicity of the software.
  • Document Tracking – Tracking services are offered by Cox & Kings Global Services so that each and every passport movement within the company can be traced accurately. An exclusive barcode system is used for this purpose.
  • Return of Documents – The Company has a robust system in place to return all the processed documents to their respective applicants in a safe manner. Sealed envelopes are used and are sent either by courier or applicants can also collect their documents from the counter.

Therefore, if you are thinking to apply for a visa or a passport, choose no other than Cox & Kings Global Services.