Choosing a Ladies Bike

Bikes are used the world round by lots of different people – men, women, children, and even some trained animals, but today we are going to focus on women’s bikes and provide you with a little guide on how to obtain one that is right for you.

First things first, you need to set your goals to establish what kind of bike you need.  You need to decide if you want a road bike or a mountain bike, a flat handlebar or a drop bar, a sporty bike or a non-sporty bike.  There are other things you may want to consider too, but it is imperative that you know what you want the bike to do as a critical starting point in your search.

Secondly, you need to set your budget.  How much are you willing to spend to obtain the bike?  Do you want to spend a bit more than you usually would?  Often with bikes, the higher your initial outlay, the bigger the quality you get.

Next up, how many gears do you need?  The way to determine this is to look at what kind of terrain you are going to be using your bike on.  Will you be on predominantly flat roads?  Will you be taking on big hills? Are you just looking to use your bike for urban transportation?  All of these questions can help you determine how many gears you want.  If you’re looking to ride on predominantly flat roads you can take a bike with a lesser amount of gears, if you’re going to be riding up a lot of hills then a larger amount of gears would be preferable as the lower gears will make it easier for you to ride.  With advances in technology these days, if you are looking for a bike to just use as urban transportation (e.g. around a city) you can get a foldable bike which only has one gear.

Size matters ladies!  Don’t let anyone tell you any different when it comes to this subject as it really does matter when it comes to a bike.  If you choose a bike that is too big then it is ungainly and can create more danger for you, and if you choose one that is too small then pedalling will not be comfortable as the saddle won’t reach high enough for what you require.

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Happy Cycling.