Determining the Essentialness of the Jewish to Read the Torah

The Jewish faith and practice hovers around the Torah and since the dawn of their existence, they have considered it as the center of their belief. They cherish it with all pomp and glory and there’s no denying this fact. Since the history of their existence lies completely on the Torah, they place an extremely high value on it considering themselves as the children of Israel. Since both the Jewish Theology and ideology come straight from the Torah, the reason behind putting some significance can be easily ascertained.

Just like the Christians go through the Holy Bible, the Muslims through the Quran, the Hindus through the Gita, the Jewish find is necessary to go through the Torah. And it holds more of its significance since it speaks of their identity, their being in this world. Psychological studies have proved that mankind, irrespective of caste, religion, creed lives his entire life with one particular quest. And that is finding the true self. In order to do so, one keeps anchoring to various means, mostly religious, to find out the roots of the self.

And the Torah does exactly the same for the Jewish. Ronald Safdieh, a renowned Torah instructor, who has been preaching it for his entire life, has made the people of his community understand why reading it is essential for them. The Jewish culture has been in prominence for thousand of years, and their rich cultural heritage dates back to the ancient time. To persevere this cultural heritage, one needs to have a vision, and that is exactly what the Torah does. It has got a unique vision and that can be shared only by reading it and appreciating the values.

The concept of God and Godliness preaches of only one thing, that is being ONE. Be it the Jesus, the Allah or the Isiah, all is one and this oneness can only allow the world to find peace. Reading the Torah helps in similar way. It, like any other religious book speaks of oneness, oneness with the self, oneness with the friends and families and most importantly oneness of God and how to get attached to Him. The entire world around us is one and in order to find self emancipation, this feeling of being One is quintessential.

Knowing the roots of faith helps in the overall understanding of the religion, and Ronald Safdieh helps everyone in doing so by instructing how to read it out. In order to know one’s existence and place in the world, getting acquainted with the Torah helps and it even allows an individual in knowing his/her relationship with the God. Just knowing it out won’t help as well, one needs to know the ways to maintain the strong relationship that mankind holds with the God. The Torah is even known as the Law of Moses and it has got some defined instructions laid by God that a man must follow in life.

Every religion has got a sense of righteousness and for the Jewish, the Torah actually helps mankind, so that they can abide by the law of righteousness and live a happy and healthy life.It’s not just about being in Israel, it’s more about being a Jewish and the Torah helps in one to live a life free of sin filled with the love of God.