Digital Telephone Systems

Digital telephone systems are the new age global communication method. The system has many advantages over an analog system. Firstly, it has higher capacity and also is faster. In a digitised system, you also have electronic switching. Digital telephones systems also have several lines and the option of adding more line. Digital systems have many advantages

  • more efficiency in call transmission and routing
  • low cost
  • scalability
  • video and data transmission possibility
  • The possibility to use soft-phone instead of a physical phone

Cost of digital phone systems

Digital telephone systems typically have a lower cost than analog. The fact being that a digital phone system uses the internet lines there is no need for a special line to be added. This makes digital systems very affordable for businesses. There are many reasons to use a digital telephone system for a business. You have the option of using either fix digital, cellular or VoIP

The use of a cable is required for a fix digital phone. Fibre optic is increasingly being used. It has a faster transmission capacity than other types of cable. Fibre optic uses pulses of light that pass through a fine glass.

  • Cellular digital – Data is carried by means of radio signal
  • VoIP – Data is transferred through the internet.

Types of digital phone lines

Digital telephone systems have two different types of lines that it uses the Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) (ISDN2e and ISDN30) The ISDN is a very high-performance voice and data service. It is great for small businesses and allows the connection to eight devices and to make two phone calls simultaneously. Using ISDN its possible to make two calls while simultaneously using the internet and receiving a fax. Its speed is twice that of an analog system. The “e” in ISDN is a signalling standard abbreviation (ETSI – the European Telecommunications Standards) Digital telephone systems ISDN2e and ISDN30 are by far the most common and refers mostly to the number of DDI (direct dial in). The ISDN30 allow up to 30 calls simultaneously. Besides digital systems that are linked with different types of lines, there is also Voice over internet protocols where the digital system uses the internet for making and receiving calls.

Digital telephones systems are fast becoming the preferred communication method of businesses and with that VoIP dominate because of being free. There are many websites online that provide integrated VoIP solutions for businesses.

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