How art helps in bringing about an overall development in children?

Most schools these days have realized the importance of Fine Arts and have therefore tried to include it as a part of their syllabus. Practicing Fine Arts have helped children in a number of ways.

There are different ways in which Fine Arts has helped in an all-round development of children and going through the below mentioned points will definitely help you to understand it better:

  • There are a number of motions required at the time of painting. The children have to hold the painting brush or the crayons properly or even scribble at times. This helps in the development of motor skills in an individual. There are a number of preschools these days who are encouraging Fine Arts these days because it helps in the proper development of the motor nerves in children.
  • Fine Arts also help in the language development of an individual. When making any art the children have to communicate to their parents as well as their teachers. This helps in developing their overall language skills.
  • Fine Arts also help in an improvement of the critical thinking ability and the problem solving skills in an individual. At the time of creating any art form the children have to take certain decisions that help them to develop these skills. Fine Arts also help in developing the creativity in the individuals.
  • Fine Arts also help in improves the visual learning capability of children. When they working on any art they try to observe their elders and work accordingly. This helps in improving the observation power of children.
  • Fine Arts also help children in becoming innovative and creative. They try to produce the work of art by making use of their imaginative skills. This helps in improving the overall creativity of the children.
  • It has also been observed that children who paint or draw are able to perform much better academically. This is because they are able to become much more creative.

Mark Borghi has been an Art dealer and has been dealing with the work of a number of eminent artists. He tries to encourage Art among people and also recommends parents to encourage Fine Arts among their children. He believes that practicing Fine Arts help in an overall development of children and enable them to perform much better.

Mark Borghi is the owner of three art galleries. He says that children should be brought to these galleries so that they are able to develop their creativity. He further states that art is a form of expression and if children are encourages to express their thoughts and imaginations through this art form then they will surely be able to perform much better in life.

In the art gallery Mark has a exceptionally good collection of Contemporary Art and says that this art form has a great impact on the society. If you also love Art then you can visit the art galleries and you will be able to come across the work of some of the most notable artists.