How Football Has A Positive Impact On Our Society!

Jonathan Bunge is not a footballer but he is an avid lover of the sport and never stops short in spreading its positive message. He is a busy professional in the transport industry and is always on the road. However, his profession never stops him from coming home and sharing his ideas and thoughts about life in his blog. According to himself, he is not much of a writer but he does touch on some key points in his personal accounts that will ring a bell in your mind. His interests are focused around football, tattoos and being on the road. When it comes to football, he shares some amazing ideas and thoughts on the sport. If you read them, they are very motivating and inspiring. They relate to life and above all they have a very high element of truth in them!

Jonathan Bunge loves football and extends his passion to sharing his views about the sport with everyone. For him, football is more than a sport. It is a game that gives you insights about life. It helps you understand life and inculcates essential life skills needed for balanced and blissful living. One of the key skills that football teaches you is endurance. You face challenges and do not have the chance to run away from them. No matter what you face the trial with the team. The results are often unpredictable however once you have mustered the thought that united you stand and divided you fall, this gives you great mental and physical stimulation.

Football is a team game and you can never win on your own. Life is also the same. You need to be social and live in community to be balanced. There are challenges in life you can never run away from. With the support and the encouragement of others you face your ordeals and emerge wiser and stronger. The best part of football is that it teaches you precious life skills that no book will. It practically shows you how life is and how you can pick up several skills and make survival meaningful and simple. In reality life is never a bed of roses, it is never smooth sailing for everyone. Life skills and their improvement is essential for a balanced life. With the aid of it you effectively can get the best out of both your strengths and weaknesses. In short you are aware of yourself and can perform to the best of your potential with success.

Jonathan Bunge was lucky that his parents allowed him to play football when he was a kid. Many of his personal experiences about the sport have been positive and he has shared them in his blog. He states that every child should be introduced to the sport. In this way, he will be able to learn some amazing life skills and evolve to be a mature, responsible and disciplined person. In this way, young kids will have a balanced approach and outlook towards life that according to Jonathan is the need of the day!