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Important Freezer Features to Keep in Mind When Shopping

As you’re searching around for a new freezer for your home, you should be on the prowl for certain features that it should have. A lot of these features can be found on the models of different manufacturers, while others may be harder to come by. Convenience features can help make owning a freezer easier, especially since they make storing food a breeze. The chest freezer models available usually come with basic features, while upright freezers come with a wider range of features, such as storage bins and baskets.

Make Sure You Can See in the Dark

If you’re interested in buying a chest freezer, you will want to find one that comes with a freezer light. Most chest freezers are stored in the basement or garage, where it can be dark. Having a freezer light can help to make seeing food items a lot easier. The chest freezer you purchase should also come with at least one wire basket where you can sit smaller objects that you don’t want to get lost or crushed by the other food items. An operating light, power on indicator light and a locking feature are other features that you may want to have for your chest freezer.

Upright Freezer Options

For upright freezers, you will want to also have freezer light that allows you to see when it’s dark. This will resemble the light you find in your fridge-freezer combo in the kitchen. You should also look for an upright freezer that comes with metal shelves and door bins where you can place additional items. These can be used for delicate and small food items. The metal shelving can be used for pies, meat and other prepared food that you will bake at a later time. Some of the other convenience features that you can find with an upright freezer include slide-out baskets, safety lock, quick freeze, alarm for when the inside becomes too warm and an auto defrost that can be used when you want to clean out the freezer.

Manual vs Self-Defrost

Whichever style freezer you choose to purchase, you will have the option of choosing between a manual or self-defrost freezer. Of course, the auto defrost freezers are going to cost more, but they are definitely much more convenient. You won’t have to worry about defrosting the freezer and when the temperatures fluctuate, it automatically turns on and off to keep the right temperature setting within. With the manual defrost, you will have to keep a close watch on the temperatures to ensure that your food doesn’t sustain freezer burn.

Before purchasing your freezer, make sure to ask about the features that it comes with to ensure that it has everything that you’re looking for. In the event that your freezer needs new freezer parts for repair, you can browse around online for low prices for freezer parts.

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