Is there any such thing as a painless dentist?

There are more people afraid of the dentist than there are afraid of the dark. It is a strange concept to those who are not afraid of the dentist at all, and yet for those with that anxiety, they cannot imagine anything different. The dentist is so frightening to them that they cannot imagine a life that does not include nausea, panic, and a racing heart whenever they have to go to the dentist. One of the number one causes of a fear of the dentist is a painful previous experience with a dentist: either one that involved a lot of pain, or one that they thought would involve pain, and so they became very tense and anxious when they attended. Although there have been huge strides taken in the last few years, is there any such thing as a painless dentist?

Well, the answer is unfortunately a bit of yes and no. in some cases, yes, dental medicine has advanced to such a place where dental treatment can be offered without any pain whatsoever to the patient. Some of these diagnosis and treatment options include x-rays, scans, and checks, teeth whitening, and denture fitting. In fact, some areas of dental medicine are so pain free now that they are considered more to be painless dental spa services than a standard dental practice. You will see more cosmetic procedures within painless dental spa services but they are still carried out by a fully trained dentist, and the patients at a painless dental spa services feel more as though they are being pampered, than treated. It is the perfect answer to the clinical and bare dental practices that many have, and the spa like approach can often help those who are afraid of the dentist to relax, and have a check up without panic.

However, that is not to say that absolutely everything has changed within the medical world. There are still plenty of dental procedures that naturally include an element of discomfort, and yes, in some cases, pain. This pain, on the other hand, is not because the dentist is not being careful enough with the patient, or because they are not giving the patient the right levels of pain relief. Sometimes when a patient leaves a dental problem for too long, it becomes so deeply embedded within the body that it is impossible to treat the initial problem without causing a small amount of pain and discomfort to the patient. No dentist likes to do it, and it is becoming rarer and rarer now that more advances are being made to help patients receive the treatment that they need, but it would be foolish to say that we are currently at a stage in dentistry where everything can be achieved completely pain free.

So what is next for dentistry – more of a painless dental spa services approach, or more of a heavily medicated, knocking people out so that they do not feel pain or discomfort approach? It really depends on the patient. For those that have a dreadful fear of the dentist, it would sometimes be a lot easier if they could simply go under a general anaesthetic, and wake up when the entire procedure is over. For others who want to combat their fears rather than give in to them, they would prefer to experience painless dental spa services that over time they could become more comfortable with. It really depends on the patient and the dentist, and their relationship with each other. As long as the patient is happy with their decision, the dentist is usually content.