Oral vs. Injectable: Simplified Comparison Guide

Taking up steroid is normal for bodybuilding enthusiasts. As of now, it has also captured the interest of casual gym-goers for them to have the easy way in gaining muscle with minimal efforts exerted. Considering the rampant use of steroids, some people just can’t figure out how to take such medication. As each person has different point of views in most things, there are just standards which are needed to make the selection a lot easier. Now, allow this article to walk you through in identifying the factors in comparing oral versus injectable steroids.

Ease of use

For people who don’t have experience in using injectable, oral steroids are better for the sake of accuracy in dosage intake. But, there are also some drug users who aren’t fond of taking oral medication. In each method, there are corresponding pros and cons. For injectable, you could be messing up with the dosage, especially if you take for granted on double checking the labels indicated in the syringe. When it comes to pills, there’s a tendency as well that you’ll miss out on following the schedule as busy workload may surprise you in the office.

Recurrence of medication

Now, you need to compare the affordability of each option based on the dosage requirement for every cycle needed. Some people can’t handle injecting themselves twice a week. Others can’t handle oral medication too as the dosage is needed twice a day. Depending on your preference and by which option you can save more money while gaining the result you are aiming for, you should start comparing the rest of the factors explained onward.

Convenience of purchase

Money wise, oral steroids are cheaper than injectable. However, some would say that injectable medication has better result compared to the tablet form. Anyway, one thing you must not miss on researching about is the availability of each method. See for yourself how many accredited suppliers are present in your city that produces the correct brand suited for your cycle. In terms of injectable steroids, see how many reliable dealers are selling syringe which corresponds to your cycle as well.


In reality, not every steroid user is open to the public. It means privacy is one of the factors before you jump to the store and buy the item you prefer the most. At some point, beginners are not proud to inform the public that they are under medication and its one reason why they got into the best shape after few months of strict diet. If you aren’t the type of person who’s open about your preference, then have the injectable. You can use it in the comfort of your house. People around you will not see what medications you’re taking because you can have it in the comfort room or just when you arrive at your home. Also, some folks aren’t afraid to hear negative opinions from people and won’t mind if random strangers will catch them taking the tablets anytime. If your style fits the latter one then go to the nearest supplier and buy the oral steroid.