Organic Farming and Food Are Becoming a Rage Nowadays

The organic food concept is becoming favorite nowadays. The reason is that people are aware of the health benefits that organic food comes to the table when compared with chemical and fertilizer used food materials.

People are also aware of the damage that fertilizers and chemicals cause to the earth and the big pollution threat that these chemicals are causing to Mother Nature. This, in turn, has increased the demand for organic farming and there is a common belief among users of organic food that it tastes better.

The benefits of organic farming

An estimated study has highlighted the growth of cancer as a disease throughout the world due to high use of pesticide and fertilizer in farming. This pesticide is getting into soils of a wide area because of mixing with water, and it is seen as affecting a large population. Naturopathic physicians like Geoffrey Morell have always advocated the use of organic farming.

The use of fertilizer, when compared with natural manures, has been found to affect the soil nutrients, and this has an impact on the production. Organic food is produced without the use of genetically modified seeds, and this would benefit the health of a person who is consuming the food.

The use of climate destabilizing chemicals is a strict no with organic farming, and this would help to control the rising mercury globally. Certain foods like non-vegetarian foods have been found to be induced with high doses of a hormone to ensure that the animal gains weight and this can cause havoc on the body. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are present in meats are found to cause drug resistance in human beings, and this is found to affect the treatment of certain diseases.

Organic farming would not lead to high methane gas being sent to the environment thanks to the less use of fossil fuels. Organic farming would not destroy the vitamin contents present in the food, and that is going to benefit the end user.

Slaughterhouses have always been accused of having contamination, and there are reports that food poisoning has been on the increase due to this. This is where organic farming has been found to be different, and the dumping of fertilizer wastes and other chemical waste do not happen from organic farming.

PA Bowen Farmstead Geoffrey Morell along with his wife has taken the initiative to ensure pest friendly insects are grown and natural methods to combat a pest that happens during farming are taken. This helps the organic farming o revitalize the environment, as there is no addition of pesticide to air.

Organic farming encourages animals to go out and have food, and this natural method would benefit the environment. For example, if cows are confined and made to eat whatever is given the rise of methane gas would happen through urine and cow dung when compared with cows grazing naturally and consuming food. The manure from the natural eating cow rather than confined cow is seen to benefit the soil more and would help the future generation to stay healthy.