‘Steak ‘n Shake’: A Next Generation Food Chain in America

As per outlook of many retail business entrepreneurs and corporate managers that the latest concept based endeavor of Main Street Market in American market founded by Petroleum Wholesale LPTexas is likely to become a smash hit. In fact, following its inauguration in July 2015, this newest project has received an overwhelming response from millions of Americans. And, to capitalize this popularity, the Houston based group has been geared-up to come with next phases of Main Street Market in other states of America. Those who have already experienced MSM affirm that it’s an umbrella concept of retail shopping where under the same roof an individual can buy dress material, make his auto repaired, enjoy exclusive food items or while turning back for home can buy necessary grocery items. Finally, all these conveniences are available with special price tag.

Therefore, Petroleum Wholesale LP is no more just a specialist supplier of super grade motor/auto fuel, which is its main business platform. When it comes to fuel supplies, the group is a much admired name to hundreds of thousands of truck drivers, automobile owners. For last 45 years it devotedly focused on supplying branded diesel, lubricants and gasoline produces to its distributors and stores. The company is having market network strewn in 9 states and everywhere it has established it as a trusted name. With the economic recession, the company completely devoted in fuel supplying business, started planning for diversification of business.

No wonder, its popularity as well, national fame has accompanied it wonderfully to enter into new business arena. For example, the group has already launched its fast food chain business network and subsequent opening its foremost outlet ‘Steak n Shake’ in Salt Lake City, Utah and in the campus of Main Market Street TX the company now holds quite a good number of licenses to open its food shops. As planned, this is going to have a series of food shops under Steak ‘n Shake in entire UT State, all over greater Houston area and in Texas Metro part. The shops are all expected to start operating during 2015-16 period. The Petroleum Wholesale LP community peopleare also caring towards different community developmental activities and frequently organize fundraising as well as philanthropic deeds which has made it popular and respected to the community people.

Another great quality of Petroleum Wholesale LP is its unbelievable passion towards animal rescuing and adoption. The main objective of this absolutely Non-Profit endeavor is rescuing mistreated, abandoned animals from all across different states and providing them with homes, foods and shelter. The community spends thousands of dollars for this major enterprise which is highly valued by the governments and citizens. One of such camps is Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue Camp located in Conroe, TX. The group has also bought more than 300 acres of grass land in Leon County, TX in order to develop its planned sanctuary space for large animals. The group holds more than 200 huge land bank properties and has a wealthy business status in American Continent.