Top Products That Represent the Future of Transportation

Driving cars, riding bicycles, flying planes – that all sounds good, but rather boring, do you think so? In this day and age, when people visit Mars and it almost seems that they are close to discovering Atlantis, driving a car every single day sounds like a giant waste of time, money, resources and gas. That is why alternative means of transportation is something that should be taken into consideration. As soon as people realize that these things are not “the future”, as it is often thought, but “the present” in more ways than one, the sooner they will become a more noticeable part of everyone’s life. Here are some of the products that represent the future of transportation, but are available today!

Electric Cars

Let us start with the classic choice – electric cars are already a huge part of our world and something rather obtainable by anyone. When looking at their history, you can notice that the first concept of an electric car is over a century old, which means that this kind of transportation is not something especially new today. But it still is highly innovative and helpful to the environment. These cars lower the need for petrol and the amount of fumes in the air, which is good for all of us. Nowadays, you can find charging stations around big cities and with new types of batteries, an electric car can go for hours and hours.


Solar Cars

The philosophy of solar cars is very similar to the one behind electric vehicles, but it is clear that they get their power from the Sun instead of being powered by electricity. Also, these models need to have a solar array composed of hundreds solar cells installed on their roofs. However, unlike its electric brother, a solar car heavily depends on weather conditions and the circumstances – to put it bluntly, no Sun means no power, and no power means no driving. But, when fully powered, a solar car can go for about 400 km without stopping at an average speed of about 100 kilometers per hour, which is why these vehicles are often used for specialized races, too.

Autonomous Car

This vehicle is usually described using various adjectives – driverless, autonomous, self-driving and robotic are just some of them – but what it does is quite transparent: by scanning the environment around it, this car is able to drive with zero human input needed. And that sounds quite amazing! It is basically like an auto-pilot mode on a plane and all you have to do is sit back and relax. Furthermore, these cars have been proven safer than regular human-operated cars and a recent report from Virginia Tech proves so.


In addition to these three types of cars, some futuristic vehicles look like they came right from a Hollywood movie. For example, hover boards became a thing thanks to Back to the Future franchise, yet nobody thought they would actually come into production. However, when you see how skywalkers work, you cannot help but wonder whether these were at least partially inspired by the hover boards. These are basically personalized transporters that can take you anywhere you want quite quickly. They became even more popular after the recent NBA All-Star weekend where they were heavily featured in the dunking contest.


Miscellaneous: Drones, Segway, Mini Scooters, Etc.

Depending on how adventurous and autonomous you are, you can choose other vehicles to be your number one form of transportation in the future. Segway PT, for instance, is already everywhere you look, while drones and mini scooters are just waiting for their opportunity to make a grand appearance at a global vehicle scene.