Why Big Data Means Big Business for Corporates?

Every time a person downloads some page or saves a document from the internet to his computer, the data also gets saved on the database of the server. The online usage across the servers around the world is immense and this load is supposed to increase only in the days to come.

There are wrong theories of people who feel that they are just single users of a private computer at home and hence, their data use or consumption might not be big. It will be big if they watch movies on live streaming at night after work. The data would be big if they download a movie or television series online to offline on their hard disk.

Big data is not just the concern of the big corporations. Even small enterprises that have a branch or two would need to send mails and fax every day and that would also consume data. Additionally, if their work is also of getting outsourced work from other clients their data consumption would be high too. In short, any internet user is consuming data and plenty of data would roll out of each of these office servers in tons. In order to solve and sort out the data, big data specialists like Abhishek Gattani are working relentlessly. He has extensive work record of working in datawarehousing and data managing section of IT. He has ensured that in order to work with big data one needs to understand client requirements and fish out or extract data as per that is vital.

While one engineer can extract or identify the nature of a data in any computer in a small office it becomes very difficult to do so for big data coming from a very large conglomerate. If the data analyst does not have the required BI skills, he would not be able to prioritize while sorting out data.

Why is big data already making a revolution?

Private and professional data, country and government data, and company related data all are available online and offline. But with millions of GB worth data churning out every single day it becomes difficult to make anything out of it. A business head of a firm would need to know the success of his product and if his product is winning hearts and giving him revenue or not.

These days, real time monitoring of social media and making out analytical data significant for the business is what big data experts like Abhishek Gattani are working on. On many occasions, business heads benefit from e-commerce related data or even the popularity of their rival brands and their analytics from these big data. Hence, they are making sure that they take lessons from each of the little bit of posts, or shares that their products get on social media.

No data is insignificant enough for a business and it can surely profit out of it. Big multinationals are already investing in teams to check out and analyze trends of their ads and products for the customers.

Jeanne D’Arc North Reading