Why the Books written by Orlando on Russian Revolution Stands out?

Many authors have written books on The Russian Revolution which is considered as a groundbreaking event that formed the modern history. The Russian Revolution consists of the end under Tsar Nicholas II of the empire and under Lenin and his communists the commencement of Marxian socialism. It has kindled the beginning of a new age in Russia that had effects on countries all over the world.

Orlando Figes , a historian from the U.K. and an accomplished author is recognized for his workings on history of Russia. His books on The Russian Revolution have earned him huge admiration, awards and recognitions and are quite popular with readers of all ages. These books contain a comprehensive detail on the social as well as the economic condition of the country during the Russian Revolution era. All the books are written with simplicity and include some true examples and this is what that attracts the readers.

  • A People’s Tragedy: This book on The Russian Revolution focuses completely on the period in between 1891 to 1924. This book is a masterpiece which has been bestowed with innumerable awards such as:
  1. The WH Smith Literary Award
  2. The Los Angeles Times Book Prize
  3. The Longman-History Today Book Prize
  4. Wolfson History Prize
  5. The NCR Book Award

In this book, the author describes that the key social forces such as the workers, the peasantry, the soldiers, and the individuals of the empire are not just the fatalities of the Bolsheviks but are also performers in their own complicated revolutionary disasters. The book has been considered as one of the best seller and is still a favorite for those who want to know about the Russian Revolution.

  • Revolutionary Russia 1891-1991: This is the latest book written by Figes which again depicts the socio political condition of Russia during the period of 1891-1991. Here, the author has covered all the significant events in a brief and in an interesting manner. Readers who are looking for a book on Russian Revolution that can be finished quickly and is thorough, succinct but exciting, and want to get the lookout of the hundred years of history of Russia, this is the eventual book to select.

Apart from these two books, he has written other books that are a blend of the Russian history, culture, people, rulers, and revolution such as:

  • Natasha’s Dance
  • The Whisperers
  • Crimea
  • Just Send Me Word

The books of Orlando Figes are so popular that they are translated into more than thirty languages. For instance, his book, Just Send Me Word has been interpreted into French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Japanese, Danish, Chinese and Korean.

Apart from writing books, he is a Professor of History at one of the established college of London and is a huge enthusiast of Chelsea Football Club. He has been married to Stephanie Palmer, human-rights lawyer and is the parents to two daughters. Orlando stays in London and writes for broadcasts on radio and television, the international press, appraisals for the New York Review of Books etc.